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How Would You Spend Christmas if You’d Never Heard of Jesus?

How would you spend Christmas if you’d never heard of Jesus? That question may seem imaginary, but it’s not. Last year, 3.10 billion people spent Christmas unaware that Jesus ever came to Earth. Their last Christmas looked tragically different than ours. Take a moment to watch this video and consider.

A Radical Christmas Deliverance

A wealthy Burmese family hid a terrible shame in their home. A fierce demon had possessed their son at age 15, and his illness, madness, and rage had only worsened since. Asia’s best medicine and mysticism failed to cure him, so his parents lost all hope. Now 19, he lived locked inside his room, chained to his bed. But soon, Jesus would change this family’s story forever. Watch this amazing testimony from the Christmas Blessing Project to see what happened next!

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